Weird Crimes

A Kidnapping in Westchester - Part 1

Hypnosis Solves Everything

New York, 1933

Adam Cornelisz, son of an enormously wealthy family in Westchester, New York, has been kidnapped.

Though the case has no obvious paranormal or occult ties, the Weird Crimes Division has been handed the case because of their reputation for discretion and silence. Joseph Fort hopes that cracking the high profile kidnapping might give his often-mocked division the respect (and funding) that it deserves. He sends the team to Westchester.

The Cornelisz family’s maid, Olga Lesek, answers the door and leads the investigators upstairs to the drawing room. There, Jacob Cornelisz introduced himself to the team as the father of the missing boy. He also introduces his wife, Harriet, and their friend Colonel Ellis.

Harriet Cornelisz is composed but clearly distraught. Jonathan Reginald Fox mixes a tonic up for Harriet using his Navy medic knowledge.

Ellis is the one who called the authorities, contrary to Jacob’s wishes. Jacob would have preferred to simply wait for a ransom note and pay for the return of his son. Money is clearly no object to him. He is also afraid of another disaster like the Lindbergh kidnapping one year prior (in which details of the kidnapping were leaked to the press and the child was found dead. At this point in time, no suspect had been apprehended).

Jacob’s Story: Leaving the child in Olga’s care, he and Harriet were out driving for the evening; they picked up their friend Colonel Ellis on the way back. When they returned at eight, the child was gone.

Olga’s Story: She put Adam to bed at seven, and checked on him again at seven-thirty. When the Corneliszs returned a little after eight, she brought Mrs. Cornelisz up to the nursery, and they discovered the child was gone. She heard nothing, saw nothing. It was as if he simply vanished. Olga is also clearly the most agitated and distraught over the kidnapping.

At this point everyone split up. Jacob led Paul the Ghost and Jonathan Reginald Fox to Adam’s room to investigate. Jonathan’s narcolepsy flared up and he passed out in/on Adam’s crib, while Paul dusted the locked window for fingerprints. Fox sleepwalks out of the room, while Paul ghosts through the wall. Jacob seems unfazed by this, and Paul finds it odd that Jacob begins to take notes on him.

Nemo went outside to the landing strip on the side of the house and hijacked the Corneliszs’ private plane in order to get an aerial view of the house and surrounding property, and to see if anything was out of place.

Augustus and Naomi interviewed Olga in the hallway. Colonel Ellis drunkenly tried to interrupt Olga’s interview, but was convinced to go back to the drawing room and rejoin Harriet.

Augustus hypnotizes Olga (with some unfortunate personal side-effects), who then admits to being part of the kidnapping. She left the window open so the kidnappers could come in, because she had to save Adam from his parents because they are “witches and devil worshippers.” She also hands Naomi a journal that she found belonging to the previous maid, Maria.

The team takes her back to the Weird Crimes office in custody, but do not disclose her confession to the Corneliszs.


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