Jacob Cornelisz

Father of the kidnapped baby


Wearing a sharp suit at all times and living in a massive mansion in Westchester, Jacob is every bit the man of property and finance that he claims to be. You have been told that he comes from very old money; the Cornelisz family owned much of New York back when it was still New Amsterdam in the 17th century.

Jacob speaks with a heavy Dutch accent. He has a habit of answering any and all questions, regardless of who was actually being asked.

Jacob looks generally exhausted.


The victim of the kidnapping is his only son, Adam.

He says that he left Adam in Olga’s care and went out for a drive with his wife, Harriet. On the way home they picked up their friend Colonel Ellis. When they returned home around 8PM, Adam was missing.

He did not want to involve the police because of the disastrous handling of the Lindbergh kidnapping case one year prior. He would have preferred to await for a ransom note and then quietly pay for the return of his son. Money is no object to him.

Jacob Cornelisz

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