Folklore of the British Isles

A book found in the basement of the Cornelisz mansion, next to an unfinished stone orb .

Green Children

The Green Children were a pair of children, brother and sister, who appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk in the 12th century. They spoke a strange language and had green skin.
They claimed to come from a dimly lit ‘Land of St. Martin’, but got lost when they followed the sound of church bells. The boy sickened and died, but the girl lost her green skin tone, grew up, and married a local man.

Theories about the origin of the Green Children range from ‘they were the children of Flemish merchants who got lost in the woods, and their green skin was caused by the lack of iron in their diet while wandering’ to ‘they arrived from a hollow world’.

Folklore of the British Isles

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